Evergreen School Division Collective Agreement
8 grudnia 2020
Extension Agreement Format
8 grudnia 2020

Exclusive Distribution Agreement Free Template

(a) liquidation period. At the expiry or expiry of this agreement, the distributor has the right to sell the rest of its products and spare parts on a non-exclusive basis, provided such an inventory is available; However, provided that the distributor complies with all the conditions set out in this Agreement, including those that limit the distributor`s activities. The distributor`s rights under this section 10, point a), are expressly subject to the supplier`s ability to repurchase the distributor`s inventory of products and spare parts in accordance with Section 10, point b. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties executed this agreement on the day and year above. All product sales from manufacturer to distributor are made at these prices and conditions in accordance with this agreement, as the manufacturer sees from time to time with a written delay of at least thirty (30) days. All prices are the location of the FOB manufacturer`s factory or storage, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. The risk of loss due to the deterioration or destruction of the manufacturer`s products is the responsibility of the distributor after delivery to the carrier for shipping. The manufacturer chooses the sender, unless the distributor requires an appropriate alternative. All orders are subject to acceptance by the manufacturer. Unless the manufacturer has expressly agreed otherwise in advance, this agreement controls all aspects of the relationship between the parties with respect to the manufacturer`s products and all additional or derogatory conditions in a distributor order are hereafter rejected, unless the parties expressly consent to it prior to shipping and sign another agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on this subject and replaces all previous agreements and instruments in this area. If there is a discrepancy between the provisions of the exclusivity distribution contract and the provisions of Schedule A or Appendix B, the terms of the exclusivity distribution contract apply.

This agreement can only be amended by a written instrument executed by duly accredited representatives of the parties. Therefore, in view of the agreements and reciprocal promises outlined in them, it is agreed: a) ownership. The distributor recognizes the supplier`s exclusive ownership of the trademarks and does not acquire rights, securities or shares on or on the trademarks under this agreement. Any value associated with the brands is exclusively beneficial to the supplier. During the lifetime, the distributor must not attempt to register trademarks or trademarks, service marks, logos, brand names, trade names, domain names and/or slogans confusing with the brands. The distributor executes these documents and performs all necessary acts and actions, after reasonable advice from the supplier, to establish the supplier`s ownership of the rights and trademarks at the supplier`s expense. A. All unsurred orders are cancelled without the responsibility of any of the parties; B. The distributor will resell the manufacturer to the manufacturer on request, without any pledge or charge, and will deliver it to the manufacturer, unless the manufacturer is required to purchase the distributor for an item initially made available free of charge; This agreement and the attached statement (which is expressly included in this reference) contain the full and comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement.

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