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18 grudnia 2020
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18 grudnia 2020

Technology Platform Agreement

7.1 Compensation by OneSpace for third-party claims. OneSpace is committed to protecting and maintaining subscribers and their respective affiliates and their respective executives, employees, directors, representatives and representatives (all „subscriber parties”) from and against any allegations, claims, claims, recourse or recourse of third parties (a „third-party action”) against a subscriber to the extent that it is appealed or on any of the following claims, claims, proceedings, (i) the gross negligence, recklessness or intentional illegality of OneSpace (excluding OneSpace participants retained by the subscriber). oneSpace platform) to the extent or on one of the following consequences: (i) OneSpace`s gross negligence, recklessness or deliberately illegitimate negligence (with the exception of OneSpace participants retained by the subscriber via the OneSpace platform) as part of this agreement (ii) to any failure of OneSpace to comply with all laws , rules and rules applicable under this agreement, and (iii) any allegation that the OneSpace platform (excluding subscriber data) and/or the enterprise technology underlying the OneSpace platform are contrary to the intellectual property rights of these third parties, which result from the subscriber`s use of the OneSpace platform or The Materials of the OneSpace platform in accordance with the terms of this agreement, to abuse or violate it in any way (but not to the extent that an allegation of embezzlement, infringement or infringement of the intellectual property rights of these third parties comes from a contributor to OneSpace). When it comes to intellectual property rights violations, at its discretion, if it considers that a third-party claim or adverse judgment in relation to such a claim is likely, the company may, at its own choice (a) obtain a license from such a third-party applicant that allows the subscriber to continue the use of the OneSpace platform, b) modify the OneSpace platform so that it is not hurtful, or (c) if the company does not have a) or b) reasonable economic conditions. If the entity terminates this agreement in accordance with the above point (c), the entity will immediately reimburse the subscriber for the proportionate portion of the fees already paid to cover the remainder of the current term. The entity has no obligation or liability with respect to third-party claims based on the modification or adaptation of the OneSpace platform on the instruction of the subscriber or a third party acting on behalf of the subscriber; (y) is based on the combination or use of the OneSpace platform (or any component of either) with software, hardware, system, method, device or hardware provided or required by the company; or (z) results from the user`s use of the OneSpace platform in a manner inconsistent with or contrary to the intended use of this agreement.

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