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Quebec Termination Agreement

After the termination of the employment relationship, a worker is required to reduce any losses or damages that may otherwise be incurred. However, the evidence that a worker has not mitigated his or her injury rests with the employer in all subsequent litigation. As a collaborator, you also have certain tasks. If you receive notice of termination in accordance with the rules, you must continue to work until the last day indicated in the notice of contract. If you don`t, your employer won`t have to pay you compensation. You are entitled to a two-week termination if you have worked between six months and five years; four weeks for five to ten years; six weeks for a period of 10 to 15 years; eight weeks` notice after 15 years. When it comes to terminating an employment contract, everything is wrong! The employer and the worker must follow certain rules. This article explains the rules for compensation and redundancies. The dismissal of 50 or more workers within two months is subject to specific rules and requires the employer to inform the Minister of Labour of the B.C. The termination of the working relationship must take into account certain minimum deadlines set by the Labour Standards Act. The length of the period depends on how long you worked for your employer: the Labour Standards Act requires your employer to give you written notice. Otherwise, you are entitled to the wages you would have earned within the notice period. Nova Scotia`s Labour Standards Code sets these notice periods: one week if you have worked more than three months, but less than two years; two weeks worked for two to five years; four weeks for five to ten years; and eight weeks if you`ve worked more than 10 years.

An employer may not be required to make a statement if the dismissal took place for „one reason” or if the employee was recruited for a specific mandate or task. Some occupations and categories of workers may also be excluded. The Employment Standards Act requires your employer to predict both your dismissal and severance pay if you qualify.

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