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Soapui License Agreement

(d) customer data. You grant SmartBear a non-exclusive global license, free, for multiplication, distribution and other use and other display of customer data, as well as for the realization of all actions regarding customer data required by SmartBear to provide you with the Service and a non-exclusive, unlimited, irrevocable, free, worldwide travel, distribution, modification and display license to provide you with customer data embedded in aggregate statistics. You ensure that customer data and the use of customer data by authorized users do not violate the policies or conditions covered by these Terms or the applicable Act or included in them. You are solely responsible for the development, content, operation, maintenance and use of customer data. You ensure that you have all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, over and over customer data and that the customer`s data and your use of the service are in accordance with the UPA. Licenses must be activated to work. This can be done online via the app or „offline” via email. The activation is normally done as part of the installation of the license. No, in most cases, website licenses are not beneficial to the customer. Instead, we have extremely generous quantity rebates. SmartBear is not responsible for delays in the performance of its obligations, obligations or responsibilities in the event of force majeure. A force majeure obstacle is an unforeseen event that occurs after market acceptance and decides to adequately control SmartBear, such as strikes, blockades, war, mobilization, natural disasters, refusal of licence by the government or other provisions or restrictions by the authorities, Internet service failures, delays or availability problems (including service outages) or similar causes outside the SmartBear control area.

Regardless of the above, a case of force majeure does not end your obligations to pay the taxes in force above. Without prejudice to Article 9 above, the licence is the complete agreement between the parties on the licence work. SoapUI was originally published on SourceForge in September 2005. It is free software, licensed under the conditions of the public license of the European Union. [5] Since the first publication, SoapUI has been downloaded more than 2,000,000 times. [6] It is entirely based on the Java platform and uses Swing for the user interface. This means that SoapUI is multiplatform. Today, SoapUI also supports IDEA, Eclipse and NetBeans. [7] [8] You should receive a message informing you of the expiry of this license.

Accept the message, unless you request in writing, which can be emailed to be added to the SmartBear list for unauthorized logos, you agree to be identified as a SmartBear customer and accept that, if necessary, SmartBear addresses you with names, trade names and/or brands and may briefly describe your business on SmartBear`s marketing materials and On SmartBear`s websites. You license SmartBear to use your name, trade names and trademarks only in connection with the rights granted to SmartBear under this Section 22.

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