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13 kwietnia 2021
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University Franchise Agreement

A delegation from Derby University returned from a visit to its strategic partner in China, Jiangxi University of Technology (JUT), where they signed a franchise agreement with which the two institutions will promote their cooperation. Franchisees must focus on specific economic and business factors, including different franchise buyers: unique legal factors for your franchise agreement, including protected territory, royalty obligations and mandatory sources of supply; In the end, franchise success rates are unreliable, create a false sense of security and are irrelevant to every franchise buyer. Before you buy a franchise, you will learn more about franchisors/franchised relationship, what franchising is all about avoiding mistakes and factors that take care to increase your chances of success. Are franchises more successful than independent companies? The franchise agreement, which will begin in 2019, allows JUT to become an official delivery centre for a number of University of Derby programs, so that its students can benefit from first-class training from China and the UK. What will be important to you – if you are considering buying a franchise? Franchise University is not a „real” university, but it is based on sectoral studies, practical information and principles that have been established in the study of Charles N. Internicolas` franchise „Franchise Success Statistics and Factors”. At the University of the Franchise, it`s about promoting the growth and success of the franchise through videos and informative resources. Franchisee University is all about the responsibility of franchisors and franchisees both and unlike „real” universities that provide information provided by the franchise university based on real experiences and advice that can be applied immediately. Hey, it`s also free, which is certainly different from „real universities” with their bloated courses. In the March 2014 franchise study: „Franchise Success Statistics and Factors… The Charles N. Internicola National Franchise evaluates the „95% Success Myth Franchise,” the current history and status of franchise success statistics, the value of franchise success statistics, and it reveals to „franchise buyers” the truth about franchising and the „micro” economic and business factors that franchise buyers need to focus on.

Historically, the franchise`s success statistics are due to misinterpreted surveys (which led to the myth of franchise success at 95%), general and potentially misleading industry trends, centered on „macroeconomic” economic and commercial factors, the warning of the International Franchise Association, the findings of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the limited but persistent abuse of franchise success by a small minority of franchises. Indeed, according to the study, industry trends and statistics on „franchise success” can be misleading and do more harm than good to individual franchisee buyers. Find out what Charles N. Internicola calls the key economic and business factors „micro” that franchise buyers must respect when visiting the University of Franchises and reading the March 2014 franchise study: „Franchise Success Statistics and Factors.”

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